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ju no kata

Ju no Kata

Ju no kata is an delightful gymnastic expression of attack and defense  methods presented as series of slow and moderate actions. It is represented in three sets in short Dai-ikkyo (Set 1), Dai-nikyo (Set 2) and Dai-sankyo (Set 3) and it is designed to teach the fundamental principles of judo.

Jigoro Kano developed this judo kata around 1887 when the number of people studying judo had increased to the point where he could no longer advise everyone personally during free practice.


  1. Tsuki-Dashi (Hand Thrusting)
  2. Kata-Oshi (Shoulder Push)
  3. Ryote-Dori (Seizure of Both Hands)
  4. Kata-Mawashi (Shoulder Turn)
  5. Ago-Oshi (Jaw Thrusting)
  1. Kiri-Oroshi (Head Cut with hand Sword)
  2. Ryokata-Oshi (Pressing Down on Both Shoulders)
  3. Naname-Uchi (Nasion Strike)
  4. Katate-Dori (Single Hand Seizure from the Side)
  5. Katate-Age (Single Hand Raising)
  1. Obi-Tori (Belt Seizure)
  2. Mune-Oshi (Chest Push)
  3. Tsuki-Age (Uppercut)
  4. Uchi-Oroshi (Direct Head Strike)
  5. Ryogan-Tsuki (Both Eyes Poke)
Ju no kata nstructional video.


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