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Tatami mat

What is a Tatami mat?

Tatami is a flooring material originally appeared  in Japan early 16th late 15th century-ish. Tatami is traditionally made from rice straw core and woven  igusa straw for outer layer. Modern day tatami is made usually from  wood chip boards or polystyrene foam. Tatami mat is made with aspect ratio 2:1 in mind and it is a standard. Prior to mid 16th century Samurais and nobility used tatami or woven goza mats to sleep on. As a mater of a fact it is only in late 17 century that tatami got popularized and available for common folk.

tatami mat woven iguisa straw

Woven iguisa grass.
tatami mat Layout

Tatami layout

How is tatami mat used in judo.

In judo, tatami is used as flooring for dojo in addition competitive matches are staged on a tatami as well.

kodokan dojo

Dojo floored with tatami at Kodokan 7th floor

Judo tatami is a fighting area where two judokas present their skills. The minimum allowed size is 14 x 14 meters.  the matches are fought on minimum 8 X 8 meters and maximum 10 x 10 meters and minimum of 3 meters of surrounding  safety zone padded with tatami.



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