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Teddy Riner


Great Teddy Rinier 8 time 9 time World champion!
Teddy Pierre-Marie Riner born April 7, 1989 only 28 years old at this point, has won nine World Championships gold medals. He is the first and only judoka to accomplish this great success. Teddy Riner also has three  Olympic medals two  of them golden, Rio 2016 and London 2012 and a bronze one from Beijing 2008. Tokyo for now is a last place he actually lost a match to Kazuhiko Takahashi, or anyone else, almost a decade now! In addition to all of this he also won 5 European champion gold medals 2007, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2016.

When you put two and two together, arguably he has made a greater impression on judo than Yamashita! Different time lines for this two but one might dare to say that Riner is starting to dwarf his greatness, not me, but some one probably should tell this. Unbeaten run 134 successive matches won pretty impressive.

According to judoinside.com  Riner is:

Teddy Riner is most successful judoka ever on the planet. He is double Olynmpic Champion in 2012 and 2016. The French heavyweight won nine world titles, more than anyone. He is 2.05m and very athletic. He won five European titles. He was double junior world champion, athlete of the year and honored world wide.


Teddy Riner said for an interview once:

 “In this sport, you search for the ippon (winning throw) and I like this because it’s difficult, it’s not an easy sport.”

This great judoka made it look easy on the last world championship .

Well all the matches looked pretty unchallenged with exception of semi finale one with young Tushishvili of Georgia.
Look for your self at timestamp 6:10

It was a CLOSE one and just seconds later Teddy Riner closes a deal, beautifully. A nice sutemi waza by Riner there and it has put him in the finale, where he bested David Moura of Brasil With a graceful hiza guruma that brought him ninth world gold medal.

During Teddi Riner’s career  there is only 8 registered defeats in international competition he lost to Brayson, Toelzer, Bianchessi, Rybak, Muneta, Vuijsters from 2006 to 2007 and to Muneta and Vuijsters  in 2008.The last two defeats he had in the 3rd round of the competition (heavyweight) of the Olympics of 2008 in front of Abdullo Tangriev and the last defeat he suffered is to Daiki Kamikawa  on 13 September 2010.


Now this is a great judoka!

One thing is for sure Teddy Riner has this routine, every time he wins a world medal he shows a number of medals won with his fingers for he photography, and he is surely running out of fingers for that!



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Teddy Riner is most successful judoka ever on the planet. He is double Olynmpic Champion, he won nine world titles, more than anyone.
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