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Judo Belts Ranking System

Judo Belts (Ranking system)

Judo belts ranking system of grading someone’s competence and it is done by judo belts colors, the system is separated into two sections in short:

the Kyu (‘students belts’)


Dan(‘master belts’).


Student judo belts


The Kyu section  these are apprentice’s rankings as can be seen here:

White 6th Kyu Judo white belt.svg
Yellow 5th Kyu Judo yellow belt.svg
Orange 4th Kyu Judo orange belt.svg
Green 3rd Kyu Judo green belt.svg
Blue 2nd Kyu Judo blue belt.svg
Brown 1st Kyu Judo brown belt.svg

To acquire one of those for example a white 6th Kyu judo belt, you must “become” a judoka.
How to do that?
Well you just need to come to the dojo put your feet on the tatami mat and there you go you are a white judo belt “owner”.
Easy right?

For the next, yelow judo belt, you must train hard for a while and present some of throwing techniques to your sensei.
Every next “level” you want to gain as a student judoka ask you for some new things learned, new techniques in tachi waza, ne waza or kansetsu waza.

Master judo belts

Also here is the Dan  section of the ranking system:

First dan
Second dan
Third dan
Fourth dan
Fifth dan
Judo black belt.svg
Black belt 2nd dan.svg
Black belt 3rd dan.svg
Black belt 4th dan.svg
Black belt 5th dan.svg
shodan (初段)
nidan (二段)
sandan (三段)
yodan (四段)
godan (五段)
Sixth dan
Seventh dan
Eighth dan
Judo red white belt.svg
Red and White
Judo black belt.svg
rokudan (六段)
shichidan (七段)
hachidan (八段)
Ninth dan
Tenth dan
Eleventh dan
judo belts 10th dan
Judo black belt.svg
kudan (九段)
jūdan (十段)


To become a master of judo in the first place you must, be a masters candidate a brown belt for a while.
In addition you must perform a judo kata, nage-no-kata in front of sort of a comity of judo masters, and if they consider you to have performed it properly and generally deserve to become a master of judo, you get your black belt.

Every next dan type of judo belt is harder to get and requires not only more time but also results in competitive judo and/or other kinds of contributions to your/global judo community.


There are only a handful of judokas in history that achieved 10th dan,  jūdan  as seen on judoinfo.com

  • Yamashita, Yoshitugu (1865-1935) Promoted 10th Dan 1935
  • Isogai, Hajime (1871-1947) Promoted 10th Dan 1937
  • Nagaoka, Hidekazu (1876-1952) Promoted 10th Dan 1937
  • Mifune, Kyuzo (1883-1965) Promoted 10th Dan 1945
  • Iizuka, Kunisaburo (1875-1958) Promoted 10th Dan 1946
  • Samura, Kaichiro (1880-1964) Promoted 10th Dan 1948
  • Tabata, Shotaro (1884-1950) Promoted 10th Dan 1948
  • Okano, Kotaro (1885-1967) Promoted 10th Dan 1967
  • Shoriki, Matsutaro (1885-1969) Promoted 10th Dan 1969
  • Nakano, Shozo (1888-1977) Promoted 10th Dan 1977
  • Kurihara, Tamio (1896-1979) Promoted 10th Dan 1979
  • Kotani, Sumiyuki (1903-1991) Promoted 10th Dan 1984
  • Daigo, Toshiro (1926- ), Promoted 10th Dan 2006
  • Abe, Ichiro, Promoted 10th Dan 2006
  • Osawa, Yoshimi, Promoted 10th Dan 2006

Now there are some equally important variations to this depending on what part of the world are you in.

More on this in Wikipedia , IJF ,  Kodokan.

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