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tomoe nage

Tomoe Nage – Circle Throw

Tomoe Nage – Circle Throw

Tomoe nage is one of the traditional forty throws of jujutsu and Judo. It belongs to the third group of the traditional throwing list, the traditional Gokyo, and the current 67 Throws of Kodokan Judo.

Tomoe Nage – Circle Throw Video

Tomoe Nage KUZUSHI

From a right defensive (migi jigotai) posture, push strongly against Uke as though trying to break his balance to his ma ushiro. Your intent is to get him to defend himself by pushing you in return. When this happens, and Uke pushes against you while advancing his right foot, change your left hand kumikata from his sleeve to his lapel. Break Uke’s balance strongly now to his ma mae in order to have Uke setup for the throw.


Insert your right foot deeply between Uke’s feet so that there is room for your hips to site on the mat between his ankles. Rest your left foot on the mat, bending the knee, dropping your hips and sit down as close to your left heel as possible.

At the same time you step into and sit at Uke’s feet, bend your right leg and apply the sole of your foot very lightly against Uke’s lower abdomen. The ball of the foot and toes should be hear the solar plexus and the heel at or below the belt.


Now straighten your leg and push Uke’s body up and over you, while pulling with both hands on his lapels and rocking onto your back. Make sure that keep a space between your belt and Uke’s belt but keep the distance between your head and his to an absolute minimum. Ideally, your head and his will be ear to ear as you execute the technique.

Uke will fly over your head and land on his back on the mat with his head just above yours. You should still have a hold of his lapels.

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