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Tsuri Goshi

Tsuri Goshi – Lifting Hip

Tsuri Goshi – Lifting Hip

Tsuri goshi is one of the original 40 throws of Judo as developed by Kano Jigoro. It belongs to the third group of the traditional throwing list in the Gokyo no waza of the Kodokan Judo. It is also part of the current 67 Throws of Kodokan Judo. It is classified as a hip technique.

Tsuri Goshi – Lifting Hip In Action


From migi shizentai retreat about a half step with your right foot causing Uke to advance his left foot in order to maintain his balance. Pull firmly with your right hand against Uke’s lapel to entice Uke to take a full step compared to your half step.



While breaking Uke’s balance to the front, release your grasp of his lapel with your right hand and passing under his left armpit grab the belt at the rear in a normal grip.

Advance your right foot inside Uke’s right foot, pointing in the same direction, as you turn your body from right to left. Now withdraw your left foot to the rear, outside of his left leg. Lift Uke’s body by lifting strongly with your right hand and draw it as near as possible toward you and pull your left around towards your left side, fully extending Uke’s right arm. Your hips and back should Now be in the closest possible contact with his abdomen and chest, so he is about to be carried onto your hips.

Note: When the right arm grabs the belt from under the arm, this is sometimes referred to as Ko Tsuri Goshi and when the arm grabs around to the outside of Uke’s arm, it is sometimes referred to as O Tsuri Goshi.




Straighten your knees, while raising and twisting your hips, and at the same time lifting with your grip on Uke’s belt. Strongly pull down with your left hand on Uke’s sleeve and unload Uke from your right hip by driving your right hand to the mat between your feet.

Uke will fall directly in front of you.


Tsuri Goshi – Lifting Hip Demo Video

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