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Judo and violence

Judo and violence

I got upset today, really upset about judo quote about Judo and violence.
This person on Instagram posted this idiotic “Quote” stating something like:

“Ju Do is an awesome sport because its all up to you, there is no team and if someone pisses you off u kick the shit out of them and if someone else pisses you off you also kick their ass and the referee too”

Some douche-bag of Instagram 21. century

I usually am not as sensitive to those kind of statements but i guess when it comes to judo i get frustrated pretty fast. The thing that annoyed me the most is the fact that person running Instagram account having more than 10k of followers and that account has judo in its name i wrongfully guessed that person running it had some, at leas vague idea what judo is and how does judo competition actually looks like.

Let me get my self clear here there is fair amount of controlled rage once you step on tatami and ref says hajime, i guess it gets you rolling for a while, but there is NO SUCH THING AS kicking someones ass.

You might feel that way, you might feel like greatest bad-ass ewer but you always will bow to your opponent, and you WILL RESPECT YOUR OPPONENT. No excuses!

Probably all this is coming from my sense of respect for the great martial art that judo is and all that it represents, and all i learnt from it…

And i am very very annoyed that i can not find this damn post again so i can share it here…
Now i guess this rant is over…

NOup! here we go again…
I found it!





Погледајте ову објаву у апликацији Instagram














The mats don’t lie. . .


Објава коју дели Judoka Problems (@judokaproblems) дана

OK i can tear this steaming pile of garbage to shreds peace by peace now.

First there are teams in JUDO you dumb as calling yourself judoka pro really?
Then you do not “Just show up on tournaments” no one
Just show up there… Not even Teddy. You would get manged. You train as fuck and train some more if you want to last more then 10 seconds on tatami.


The thing about legitimacy, ahahahah what a joke…
I wont even go there…

Of so now the rant is over…

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