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The unwritten rules of judo

Judo is much more than fighting, it’s an art, it’s an ideology, it’s a way of life.

The unwritten rules of judo (As I see it).

Mutual welfare and maximum efficiency.

Meaning you and your opponent both should leave “fighting ground” richer for an experience of meeting each other in combat


Treat your opponent as your sibling rather than your enemy.

unwritten rules of judo

Show respect for superior and inferior opponent, as you would toward an elder family member or your own  child,  because there is always something to learn, if not what to do than, what not to do.


Treat your kimono with much respect, it’s your first ally.

Judo Gi

This should not be questioned, judo gi is not just a peace of cloth or a fashion statement,  a judoka spends large chunk of his/hers life and this slightly uncomfortable item is a symbol of personal progress.


Practice and master at least one technique till it becomes a reflex on the mat.

Girl Judo

Only after achieve this level of mastery and there is no need to think what is right to do in a specific moment, only than one can call oneself a judoka! After this achievement is put to past, whole new world shows up on a horizon.


Give more attention on the technique and not muscular strength.

With the right technique, You will then use your opponent’s physical power against him/her.


Judo is for everyone!

Ju Do

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