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5 Top Judokas of all times

Judo stuff and pics present you 5 Top Judokas by my standards.
A criteria for compiling this list are Competitive results, Sportsmanship and  Attractiveness of matches fought.

  • #5 Kosei Inoue   Top Judokas - Inoue Celebrates
  • Olympic champion, three times world champion, two times Asian games champion.
    Inoue won his Olympic gold medal by winning all the matches by ippon, impressive!
  • #4 David Douillet   Top Judokas - David Douliet
    Two times Olympic champion and a bronze medalist, four times world champion, European champion, vice champion and bronze medalist.”He was already heads above the others, and after what was seen on the mat, I immediately reserved a place for him at INSEP, the center of the elite of the French athletics.”

    — Jean-Luc Rougé


  • #3 Anton Geesink    Top Judokas - Anton Geesink
    This 10th Dan judo master from Holland was Olympic champion, two times world champion and a world bronze medalist, SEVEN times European champion and two time European bronze medalist.
    Geesink, even after his death on August 27, 2010, remains one of the few 10th Dan grade judo artists officially recognized by the IJF.
  • #2 Toshihiko Koga    Top Judokas - Toshihiko Koga
    A man often refereed to as a hurricane in a judogi.
    Olympic  champion and vice champion
    Three times world champion and one time bronze medalist
    Koga is regarded to have had the best ippon seoi nage of all times and for sure it was his signature weapon.
  • Top Judokas #1 Yasuhiro Yamashita    Top Judokas - YamashitaRetired from competitive judo since 1985, this judo god, casts a large shadow that is hard to get out of for anyone.
    Undefeated for 8 years, Yamashita holds the record of 203 contentious victories.
    So some of the many Yamashitas accomplishments:
    -Youngest all Japan championship winner 1977
    -Olimpic gold winner LA 1984
    -Four times world champion
    Beside this huge successes he is also known for his  sportsmanship, and a great great tenacity, and a huge hearth,  he  tore a right calf muscle in one of preliminary matches  on his only Olympics appearance, witch left him with huge disadvantage, and a serious limp yet he won the gold medal! This alone, me being a judoka and experiencing injuries on tatami,puts him on the top of the list.
    Also this great judoka, remained active after retiring from his competitive career.
    He served as an instructor for many judo organisation, head of IJF’s education division and also was a head coach of Japan’s judo team.
5 Top Judokas of all times | Judo Stuff and Pics
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5 Top Judokas of all times | Judo Stuff and Pics
Judo stuff and pics presents 5 top judokas of competitive judo. A criteria for this list are Competitive results, Sportsmanship and  Attractiveness of matches
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