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Jigiro Kano

History of Judo

OK, now I could put a Wikipedia content here telling You all about this martial art and its founder Jigoro Kano.

Now that is no fun at all 🙂

I will tell you the story that i heard, now it is a story about Judo and its beginnings ancient Japan, emperors, samurai, it could be a solid foundation for new Mortal Kombat game and really i am not sure that it is more than just a story.

So here it goes!

A long long time ago after Big Bang, dinosaurs, and birth of printing press in Japan there was this emperor, now i do not know his name, but he was emperor of Japan so that is all that we need to know.  And this emperor had this army of samurai katana sword wielding, killing, honor machines.  Everything was fine but one thing, in Japan at that time there was a LOT of clans and every clan had its own martial arts school that propagated  that their way was the best! That caused a lot of trouble because every time a training of a samurai warriors was in order there was a great, gigantic discussion about whose approach to martial arts was the right one. These discussions usually ended in a bloody  showdown Kill Bill type of showdown, lot of swords flashing around, body parts flying, heads rolling, you get the point.

Judo history or How judo came to attention in Japan

So the emperor grow bored of this kind of fuss all the time, and who would not? Like it is not enough for an emperor to worry about his internal and foreign enemies he had to worry about his loyal people killing one another.

And our wise ruler decided to put an end to all of this and have peace of mind at least on this matter, so he decided to make this tournament where the competitors would be representers of each martial art school. Winner of this tournament would have his martial art the “official” martial art of Samurai warrior.

Guess what? the Judoka won!

Now i can bore you with details but judoka, that fought for his clan mastered all of them and single-handed brought Judo to  attention.

Now Judo had no punches than as it has no punches now, Judoka did not use any weapons he was not a huge person nor particularly strong, and yet he managed to single-handedly defeat every other opponent that stood against him? How is this possible? Well simply Judo was made in such way that you use a minimum of energy and strength, and to use your opponent’s strength, and momentum from movement, to successfully submit him!

The emperor was pleased, so he made Judo “mainstream” in his domain and ordered every samurai to learn this fantastic new art of throwing and tossing people around. This proved very useful because at the time being the war technology advanced to the point that armor was much stronger than the weapons used and it was really hard to defeat your opponent on the battlefield by just swinging your katana around (crazy right???). Punching your opponent was ok, but rarely did anything but wasted much-needed strength.  Now the samurai that knew Judo  could easily throw another warrior down to the ground and the shock from hitting ground that hard would be enough to stun a person for a few seconds, and that is more than enough to stick your knife up his weak point in armor and end poor bastards life…

And it is called JU DO (The gentle way)… 🙂

The lesson to learn from this story is:




This here is pure fiction, none of the above has any historical, or, any other kind of value, only purpose of this text is fun, if you want to read about this topic written in serious manner you should go here.

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