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judo black belt requirements

Judo black belt requirements

Judo black belts are awarded dan grades according to the Nationals rules adopted from the International Judo Federation and may vary from one to another. Now as a promotion requirements may vary also depending on your sensei, it might be affiliated with many different things.It might be time spent on the tatami, . There is no global standard for each rank. Hence judo black belt requirements may vary a bit. But generally they are in a neighborhood of the following.

Sho dan exam first requires you to be a brown belt.

In addition to this you must be al least 14 years of age.

Furthermore you must have spent minimum of 100 hours on the judo mat in the last year.

There also is a need for notable achievements competition wise.

Worldwide consensus is that a black belt has had many years on the tatami and can perform at least, Nage no Kata, go kyo no waza and ne waza techniques.

Kodokan Judo black belt requirements

There is a system called “Batsugun” promotion in the Red and White Judo Contests to be held twice in a year respectively in Kodokan headquarters and Kodokan Osaka International Judo Center. This Batsugun system enables competitors who have got streak of wins required for Dan promotion in this contest to move up to the next Dan grade on the day.

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USA judo promotions  guide lines 

Shodan: Candidates must demonstrate:
Unquestioned moral character and maturity,  continued practice and interest,  minimum knowledge and skills in both randori and nagekomi practice,  increased proficiency in all lower-rank requirements and in contest record,  proficient in the first 9 techniques of nage-no-kata for both men and women or Jushiki (10 of 15 Ju-no-kata) for women.

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