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best martial arts for street fighting

Is Judo one of the best martial arts for street fighting?

Is Judo one of the best martial arts for street fighting?

To answer “Is Judo one of the best martial arts for street fighting” question first ask yourself:

“Is hitting someone with the planet an effective means of disabling them? “

Of course, mix it with a couple of punches first and then flip them around in the air. Also figure you’re getting tossed around by and trying to toss other Judoka. You’d be surprised how easy people who have been to a judo class can be thrown/tripped/swept. If you don’t believe it smack your head on the concrete and let me know how it felt, that is if you can remember why o why did you give yourself a concussion.

Hitting them upside the head with an ellipsoid cosmos projectile

Now imagine connecting someone with the pavement in this maner and landing on your feet like this.

If there are several people engaging in a fight with you you are ready for them, their friend is on the ground, with a dent on his head, broken shoulder or some other kind of injury, they will stop for second which gives you the time to flee, and that is the best way of self-preservation, not being in a harms way of course.

For example this lady was engaged in a street fight, and the assailant was incapacitated by a seoi nage, and this is one of the first techniques that yellow-belts learn.

Judo has a broad application in mixed martial arts matches, for example take look at this. A throw and a hold afterwards. Complete domination! How is this related to Street fights? And i ask you what is a MMA if not legalized street fight whit somewhat lose set of rules and (in mu humble opinion) .

Imagine throwing someone like this in the street. Do not do it if a person has a gun. If their’s  20 friends are ready to make your kidneys theirs dance floor… Not a good idea.

But if annoying jackass comes along for a ride just do a huge ura nage like this lad here.

I am not saying that judo the best martial art for street fighting. I am not saying that it is designed for street fighting. All i am saying is that it is good solution as any.

I mean kids do judo in “street fights”.

Even kittens do judo in the streets and it is awesome.

In addition to all of this if there is someone that is in the “Offense is the best defense” mood.
Cop placing a nice judo-like sweep.
OK not “nice” nice but awesome in a weird way is it not?


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